Founded 1996
Headquarters Spain
Number of employees

Novapet® develops, manufactures and distributes high performance PET grades for packaging applications and was founded in 1996 from the business vision of the SAMCA Group in the PET market, that was emerging at that time in Spain. The company produces PET resins for different applications, preforms and containers.

With offices in Zaragoza and Barbastro, Novapet® has two productive plants in Barbastro and Fuenlabrada. Currently the company has more than 350 employees and a wide presence in the national and international areas, providing service to more than 200 clients in 30 countries and on 4 continents.

Novapet® is the primary producer of PET resins in the Iberian Peninsula, being the principal producer of PET resins with a very wide portfolio of products, offering more than 25 different resin items and a wide variety of specialities. This is rare among the PET producers, which usually offer the market two or three unique items. The company's strategy is aimed at innovation in products and at the integration of services to the packager.

Novapet’s® injection plant is 100% integrated within their productive chain and PET transformation where the company's resins acquire value in preform formats. Novapet® preforms offer diverse types of mouths which cover the different needs of the current market.

At Novapet® the PET bottle-blowing activity has been exercised since the 1980s. With the growth of demand, preforms and resins were progressively displacing the production of containers with the aim of optimizing logistical costs and transport. Due to the growing segmentation and competitiveness of the demand in all the sectors, Novapet® produces personalized blown containers of high quality and in variable quantities with the aim of covering the needs of clients, offering high personalization in the design, production and supply of finished containers.

NOVAPET® is part of the SAMCA Group that resides in Aragon, Spain.


  • PET resins
    • CR Resin
    • Soft Resins
    • Special resins for injection blowing
    • Special resins for extrusion
    • Special SPRIT resins for direct injection
    • REX resins for extrusion blowing
    • Amorphous resins
    • PET resins and concentrates for protection from light
    • Concentrate with lubrication/release agent
    • Crystallized white concentrate for household items
    • Homopolymers of high tenacity for spinning
  • Preforms
    • PET preforms non-carbonated water
    • PET preforms sparkling water
    • PET preforms for 38 mm Bericap wide mouth
    • PET preforms for 48 mm Bericap wide mouth
    • PET preforms for 28/410 mouth
    • PET preforms with oil mouth
    • PET preforms with Pilfer mouth
  • Bottle making
    • PET bottles
    • Cosmetic packaging
    • Pharmacy packaging
    • Personal higiene packaging
    • Household cleaning packaging


  • 1996 - Samca purchases Brilen Total PET sales < 11.000t
  • 1997 - Transfer of the Injection plant (Uldesa) to the central industrial site in Barbastro.
  • 2000 - PET plant 2 (100,000t/a)
  • 2005 - Novapet’s beginning
    • Launching of plant 3 (130,000t/a).
    • Creation of the PET Bottle Technical Centre, based on a strategy of production specialization. The first special grades were being developed.
  • 2007 - Turnover : 250 mi. €.
    • Customers: 195.
    • Purchasing countries: 29.
    • Specialties/total turnover = 64 %.


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