Steidle GmbH
Headquarters Leverkusen, Germany

Company Profile

Founded in 1979, the company Steidle GmbH is engaged in the production of lubricooling systems and early on turned it‘s focus on the application of minimal quantities of liquids.

Today Steidle offers a unique range of over half a dozend spraying systems. The main applications are lubrication of metal-working tools and applying any liquid on technical processes.

Since over 15 years the units of Steidle are used for precoating PET preforms. This innovative technology for coating PET preforms and bottles is called PICProcess Integrated Coating. PIC ensures that transport and handling of the PET packaging is optimised after leaving the stretch blow machine with a sliding film applied. The application of sliding film prevents production stoppage due to packaging / bottle jamming in the air and band conveyors or due to hanging sleeves.

Products / Technology

The fluid of the PIC-system is applied by the Lubrimat PIC-L60, a spray system specially developed for this application. Exact metering piston pumps push the PIC-fluid to the nozzle tip, where it is sprayed on the preforms. A standard version for preforms up to approx. 150mm height has 4 nozzles. For bigger preforms or very complex bottle designs a 6 nozzle version is available on demand.

  • For transport lines in which the PET packaging is transported with air conveyors
  • For rotation-symmetrical designs of the PET packaging, mainly PET bottles
  • For several perform lengths and volumes of the PET packaging (from 0.125 to 2.0 litres)
  • For bottling mediums such as food (water, beer, juices, soft drinks) or other products
  • For bottling systems with or without aseptic units



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