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IPR - International PET Resales Ltd.
Headquarters Blackburn, United Kingdom
Website www.petmachinery.com

Company Profile

IPR (International PET Resales Ltd.) is specialized in the supply of used and new PET and PET related equipment with an experience of 20 years. The company has expertise knowledge on PET equipment ranging from Reheat Blow Moulding machines to Single Stage machines to PET Preform Injection machines to all necessary auxiliary equipment as well as PET related equipment like Closure Compression Moulding equipment or Filling lines. Their clients extend to over 100 countries.

IPR‘s stock continuously changes and they also commit themselves to exclusive deals in order to be able to offer machines exclusively to their worldwide customerbase. Addittionally they are able to advise on using the right equipment for a specific product, the design of products, machine commissioning & start-up and they offer to train personnel on-site. IPR has designed, manufactured and supplied moulds and tooling for a vast range of brands of PET processing machine.

Consultancy Services

IPR‘S combined machine and tooling knowledge, enables the company to provide independent and unbiased advice as to the correct combination required to deliver their customers projects in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Valuation Services

IPR is the primary contact to insurance companies, surveyors, and financial institutions, requiring accurate market pricing of assets for their clients.

Products / Technology

  • PET Blow moulds and associated tooling parts – Blow nozzles, grippers, spindles
  • PET Preform moulds – complete with Hot Runner
  • PET Preform tooling parts – core pins, cavities, plate work and associated robot arms
  • Consultancy Services
  • Valuation Services



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