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Milacron LLC is a global leader in the manufacture, distribution and service of highly engineered and customized systems within the plastic technology and processing industry. Milacron is the only global company with a full-line product portfolio that includes hot runner systems, injection molding, blow molding and extrusion equipment, mold components, industrial supplies plus a wide range of advanced fluid technologies. Visit Milacron at

Milacron supports the PET packaging sector primarily through its Mold-Masters product brand. Mold-Masters specializes in supplying hot runners, for standard or co-injection applications, specific to preforms, containers and caps/closures. Mold-Masters products are engineered to improve part quality, increase productivity and lower production costs.


Milacron Product Brands:

  • Ferromatik
  • Uniloy
  • Mold-Masters
  • DME
  • Cimcool
  • Tirad
  • Canterburry: screws & barrels for extrusion & injection moulded aftermarket products
  • Genca

Heritage Brands

  • Cincinnati Milacron
  • KORTEC Co-injection now a product line under Mold-Masters. Supplier of turnkey co-injection hot halves and systems
  • Servtek now a Milacron aftermarket service (global afermarket replacement parts service)
  • Wear Technology now a Milacron aftermarket service (rebuilder and manufacturer of screws)


Mold-Masters KORTEC Connect Co-Injection System

MOLD HIGHER QUALITY, ECONOMICAL CO-INJECTED PARTS FOR LESS. Significantly reduce your capital investment requirements. The proven KORTEC Connect Co-Injection solution includes everything to easily and economically convert existing single shot injection molding equipment over to produce co-injected PET preforms and other parts. With the KORTEC Connect system, molders also have the flexibility to work with any machine and mold (cold half) supplier.

KORTEC co-injection technology is fully customizable to create a moisture gas or light barrier for containers of all shapes and sizes. KORTEC barrier technology can make up as little as 3% of total part weight and has the ability to extend shelf life of products up to 5x more than conventional methods. Lastly, co-injected parts can be produced at the same rate as mono-layer parts. Milacron provides extensive experience and a successful track record – plus a global support network.

Learn more about Kortec Connect

Mold-Masters Sprint Hot Runners

LIGHTNING FAST, SPECIALIZED CAPS AND CLOSURE SYSTEM Sprint systems are optimized for reliable high speed molding, between 2 - 6 seconds, of high quality parts. Capable of fast color changes ensures maximum productivity and efficiency. Brazed Heater Technology provides precise thermal profile with exceptional reliability that eliminates spare heater costs. Specifically engineered for use in caps and closure applications, Sprint hot runners are available with an industry leading 10 year warranty.

Learn more about Sprint Hot Runner Systems

Mold-Masters Axiom Hot Runners

FULLY BALANCED IN-LINE PET VALVE GATING SOLUTION. Axiom provides 1-40 drop hot half systems designed for injection blow mold (IBM) and injection stretch blow machines (ISBM). Specifically engineered to meet the requirements of the competitive PET bottle manufacturing industry.

  • Decreased cycle time & improved balance
  • Superior bottle & gate quality
  • Fast, simple start-up
  • Rapid color change performance

Axiom hot runners are available with an industry leading 10 year warranty.

Learn more about Axiom Hot Runner Systems

Mold-Masters TempMaster Hot Runner Temperature Control Systems

THE INDUSTRY’S MOST ADVANCED CONTROLLER PLATFORM All TempMaster controllers feature APS (Adaptive Process System) technology. APS is the industry’s leading heat control algorithm delivering unmatched precision and reliability. TempMaster controllers optimize the performance of any hot runner system and unlock any operations full potential. APS Technology helps to:

  • Enhance Part Quality
  • Reduce Scrap
  • Improve Part Consistency
  • Lower Power Consumption
  • Maximize Profit Margins

TempMaster controllers contain many advanced features and are capable of controlling over 500 zones. All TempMaster controllers feature intuitive touch screen controls and modular control cards for ease of use and service. TempMaster controllers also offer most compact in class dimensions in order to save valuable floor space.

Learn more about Mold-Masters Process Controll Systems


Milacron, previously Cincinnati Milling Machine Company, reincorporated in 1970 and has grown immensely over the years. After completing extensive acquisitions in 2015 that included: Milacron Plastics Machinery, Mold Masters, DME, Milacron Aftermarket and Cimcool, the businesses were consolidated under the Milacron name and now operate as brands of the company. Milacron LLC (MCRN) is currently a publically traded company on the NYSE. Visit Milacron at


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