Boge Kompressoren


Boge Kompressoren
Founded 1907
Founder Otto Boge
Headquarters Bielefeld, Germany
Number of employees
800 (2015)

Company Profile

The family-run, medium-sized company BOGE Kompressoren is headquartered in Bielefeld, Germany and manufactures compressors to meet all requirements in the food, plastics, steel or pharmaceutical industry. The range spans from individual compressors or compressed air components to complete system and service solutions. BOGE has a dense network of subsidiary companies, service and sales partners.

Energy costs are a key factor in company balance sheets. BOGE develops compressed air systems with optimal efficiency values and works together with customers to optimize processes and cut energy costs.

A flexible service allows customers to decide how much support they want, from maintenance and lifetime guarantees to complete operation.

Products / Technology

  • screw compressors
  • piston compressors
  • scroll compressors
  • tube compressors
  • compressed air treatment
  • controls
  • special gases
  • plant engineering
  • heat recovery
  • second hand machines


  • 1907 – founded by Otto Boge
  • 1920s - designs and manufactures motorcycles
  • 1925 – BOGE AIR is launched, producing piston air compressors
  • 1930s – BOGE starts to sell abroad
  • 1980s – new headquarters in the outskirts of Bielefeld
    • volume production of screw compressors in Jöllenbeck
  • 2000s – high-tech components plant in Großenhain near Dresden
  • 2015 BOGE celebrates its most successful year to date


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