AVID Corporation

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Avid Corporation
Headquarters Portsmouth, USA
Website www.avidvision.com

Company Profile

Since the foundation of AVID Corporation in the year 1992 the company has provided custom vision-based measurement, detection and inspection systems for online and offline industrial applications.

Based in Portsmouth, NH in the USA the company‘s experience in advanced industrial video metrology and automated solutions has led to the development of systems to meet the needs of the industrial production, process control and quality assurance marketplace. Since 2002 AVID has focused on automated measurement systems and solutions to the plastic and glass packaging industry.

Today, AVID provides a range of turn-key automated laboratory measurement and online monitoring systems to fit the specialized needs of quality assurance and process control within the plastic, glass and metal packaging industries.

The company‘s systems are designed not only for measurement but also for the creation of statistical data that an be used for quality assurance, statistical quality control or statistical process control purposes.

At AVID, support comes before sales - leading to the fact that AVID does not employ any dedicated sales team. Each AVID sales call is made by an AVID support and service technician.

Products / Technology

AVID Corporation offers a range of offline and online measurement and monitoring instruments as well as systems designed specifically for measuring bottle and preform attributes.

  • Offline Dimensional Measurement
  • Offline Wall-Thickness Measurement
  • Offline Volume Measurement
  • Online Applications
  • Custom Applications



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