Founded 1995
Headquarters Muttenz, Switzerland

Company Profile

Clariant offers solutions to fulfill multiple needs of the rigid packaging market in a broad variety of applications, such as PET or polyolefin bottles, thermoformed trays, thin wall injected containers, caps and closures and pharmaceutical packaging.

Clariant products for rigid packaging providing a broad range of effects and benefits. Among many others, Clariant offers a neutral colour to clarified polypropylene containers, an efficient acid-scavenging effect to thermoformed trays, reduced acetaldehyde contents in PET bottles, or a neutral colour for gamma-ray sterilized pharmaceutical packaging.

Products / Technology


  • Renol-ne: Carrier: bottle grade PET standard masterbatches, suitable for use in all types of preform and bottle production machines, whether using any dosing system. The product does not require prior drying and guarantees excellent mixing with the PET resin.
  • Renol-ne/C: Carrier: post-crystallized, bottle grade PET. Crystallized version of Renol-ne.
  • Renol-nt: Carrier: low melting point co-polymer polyester Masterbatches based on a special grade of low melting point co-polymer polyester,
  • ideal for creating packaging with excellent color quality and homogeneity, even with low dosage or limited plastication capabilities.
  • Renol-nb Carrier: co-polymer polyester Masterbatches based on a special grade of co-polymer polyester, allowing the achievement of excellent color quality and homogeneity in containers, even with a low dosage or machines with limited plastication capabilities. No prior drying is required.
  • Renol-ng/G: Carrier: PETG - Masterbatches specifically developed for colouring PETG.
  • Renol-fe: Pigment preparations in liquid form. Liquid colorants with high concentrations of pigments, based on a carrier highly compatible with PET, Renol-fe makes it possible to achieve bright colours and optimal colour consistency, even at very low dosage.

These products have been formulated to be used with all types of dosing pumps available on the market (peristaltic, gear, screw).


Clariant was formed in 1995 as a spin off from the chemical company Sandoz, which was itself established in Basel in 1886.

Clariant expanded through the incorporation of the specialty chemicals business of Hoechst (Germany) in 1997, and the acquisitions of BTP plc (UK) in 2000 and Ciba’s Masterbatches division in 2006.

In 2008, the company acquired leading U.S. colorant suppliers Rite Systems and Ricon Colors.

The latest acquisition, the specialty chemicals company Süd-Chemie (Germany), was completed on 21. April 2011.


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