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Headquarters Vilnius, Lithuania
Website www.sprana.eu

Company Profile

Sprana is an expert company in applied molecular spectroscopy (UV-Vis-NIR-MIR) and Machine Vision providing Process Analytical Technology (PAT) solutions for on-line/in-line/at-line analysis and monitoring of industrial processes (product streams). In addtion Sprana provides automatic defect inspection turn-key systems (Hardware and Software). The research and development of new analytical instrumentation and solutions along with multivariate calibration is an integral part of Sprana's business.

The continuous process improvement and quality management in a 24/7 working mode is a new standard. Therefore, automation and advanced digital technologies in the industrial processes are becoming not an exclusivity but a necessity due to higher market and environmental requirements.

Quality 4.0 is among the many developments that are giving rise to the Smart Factory, in which digitally enhanced plant structures and processes increase productivity and flexibility in the factory and throughout the supply chain. Digital technologies also enable people to do their jobs faster, better, and at reduced cost.

Sprana is a member of the well-known Lithuanian laser association, which was established in 2004. The association brings together institutions and enterprises for the development of its activities in the Photonics field – one of the Lithuanian Government’s approved high-tech priorities.


  • UAN analyzer
    • on-line analysis of Urea Ammonium Nitrate composition

State of the art solution for on-line analysis of the composition of Urea Ammonium Nitrate.

  • PET Inspection
    • Express On-line PET Preform Color Check

PET preforms color inspection system (PSIS) is designed to enable automated preforms color stability check directly on the production line by which preforms are being transferred from the moulding machine to holding containers. PSIS is a machine vision system which continuously trace images of manufactured preforms on-line, analyzes these images and provides the color of manufactured preforms and their color shift.



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