ALPS Air Logic Power Systems Corp.
Headquarters Milwaukee, Wisconsin,, USA

Company Profile

Air Logic Power Systems (ALPS) designs and manufactures high performance leak testing equipment for the empty plastic container industry. Our leak inspection systems range from high speed rotary leak testing machines to linear leak testers to manual leak testing equipment for lab and sampling applications.

To date, ALPS has delivered more than 2,500 leak testing machines and 10,000 leak test circuits. The current population of ALPS leak testing equipment inspects approximately 50 billion containers every year.

ALPS is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

Products / Technology

ALPS provides a wide variety of Container Inspectors for plastic packages. Common systems include:

  • Bottle testers for blow molded HDPE (polyolefin)
  • Machines for PET bottle inspection
  • Leak testers for injection molded containers and assemblies
  • Leak and function testers for dispensing closures.

ALPS currently offers seal integrity testing for Filled & Sealed Plastic Packages including:

  • On-line leak testing of dry products
  • Off-line inspection of packages including filled plastic bottle leak testers, filled tray leak testers and filled plastic cup leak testers.


Air Logic Power Systems (ALPS) was founded in 1974 and manufactured its first leak tester in 1978. The first high speed rotary system for non-destructive leak testing was supplied in 1985 for the rapidly expanding HDPE plastic container market. In the 1990s, ALPS developed its first electronic leak test circuit and began to focus on non-destructive leak testing for the packaging industry.

Growth into plastic container leak testing markets continued in the 2000s, especially for high speed PET container applications. The ALPS NexGen Rotary container leak tester was developed for speeds up to the 1,200 BPM (72,000 BPH) range. For lower speed non-destructive leak testing applications, ALPS developed new lines of high speed linear leak testers with fixed and moving test heads. ALPS currently supplies 10 of the Top 10 bottle blow moulders in North America.

In 2000, ALPS joined the TASI Group of companies. This partnership has allowed ALPS to join a select group of other leak detection companies and widen our expertise in the industry. Because of this growing partnership ALPS has diversified into non-destructive leak testing of filled & sealed packages and additional empty container markets including metal and plastic cans and closures.


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