Finn Korkki


Finn Korkki
Founded 1886
Founder August Wicander
Headquarters Hämeenlinna, Finland

Company Profile

Finn-Korkki is a privately owned company, located in Hämeenlinna, Finland. The main products of Finn-Korkki are ring pull bottle caps, ring pull cap sealing machines, luxury aluminum closures and crown cork bottle caps. In addition Finn Korkki manufactures aluminum tea light cups and outdoor candle covers. Finn-Korkki has been designing and manufacturing ring crown cap equipment since 1979. The company supplies customers with ring crown cap equipment, a supervised installation and operator training.

A quick and reliable service, benefited by the company‘s in-house prepress and offset printing facilities adds to the support of the company's customers. Research & development of bottle caps and ring pull sealing machines is being continuously undertaken.

Finn-Korkki is approved under ISO 9001 quality, ISO 14001 environment, OHSAS 18001 health & safety at work and ISO 22000 HACCP standards.

Products / Technology

Caps and closures

  • 26 mm RingCrown Cap

RingCrown bottle cap for plastic bottles

  • 26 mm RipCap
  • 42 mm RipCap
  • LuxTop - Luxury Aluminum Closures
  • Crown Cork Bottle Caps

Equipment and Machines

  • Ring Crown Cap Sealing Equipment
  • Sorting Hopper for Ring Crown Caps

RingCrown hopper for closing RingCrown caps to plastic bottles

  • Ring Crown Cap Sealing Heads
  • Chute for Ring Crown Caps of Various Types
  • Ring Pull Cap Applier for RipCap & Ring Crown Caps
  • Hand cappers for RipCap, RingCrown and Crown cap


  • 1886 - founded by August Wicander and started business activities by producing cork stoppers
  • 1930‘s - development of the ALKA bottle cap, known today as rip-caps bottle closure
  • 1960 - business was transferred to Oy Wicanders Ab
  • 1970‘s - development of the first pre-manufactured "easy to open by hand" bottle caps
  • 1980 - developed Ring Crown caps - Ring Pull Cap - then called MaxiCrown
  • 1989 - Finn-Korkki Oy became an independent company after a management buy out from Wicanders
  • 1998 - acquisition of Hämeenlinnan Grafipalvelu Oy
  • 2000 - invention of the Absolute Vodka bottle closure
  • 2001 - Ring Crown replaced MaxiCrown and became the registered brand name for Finn-Korkki‘s ring pull cap


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