Founded 1965
Headquarters Hünenberg, Switzerland
Key people
Sam Strömersten (CEO)
Juergen Foss (CFO)
Number of employees
5,460 [1] (2014)
Parent Tetra Laval

Company Profile

Sidel is offering complete and modular PET packaging solutions, including people, services and equipment.

With 30,000 machines installed in more than 190 nations,the company's fields of activities are filling equipment(for over 80 years), preform and bottle production lines (or more than 50 years) and labeling (for more than 35 years). Sidel has 40 years of aseptic packaging expertise, and were one of the first companies to introduce PET bottles to the beverage industry over 30 years ago.

Part of Tetra Laval group and headquartered in Switzerland, Sidel has over 50 office locations, 13 production sites and 7 training centers worldwide and 5,400 employees worldwide.

Products / Technology

Liquid filling Sidel covers the entire process chain for liquid filling. The portfolio includes:

  • complete line solutions, including standalone equipment such as
  • blow moulders,
  • fillers: the aseptic filling lines comprise wet sterilization technology and dry preform sterilization using hydrogen peroxide. The single packaging functions can also be fitted to a combined line.
  • labellers
  • associated services

PET bottle design

  • Development of different shapes and sizes
  • flexible moulding technologies
  • convenience aspects concerning the handling of large PET-containers or light weighting
  • logistical aspects such as better storing solutions.

Equipment training and maintenance

Sidel runs seven training facilities in France, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, USA, Malaysia and China. They offer seminars and technical trainings in different sectors such as filling technologies, maintenance and product applications. The company also took part in the European project "SKILLS, Multimodal Interfaces for Capturing and Transfer of Skills", funded by the European Framework Programme IST FP6. Sidel’s contribution to the five-year project phase was to test and develop virtual and augmented reality platforms for industrial training.The company has also developed individual, customer-orientated on-the-job training and offers maintenance services on-site.



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