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Founded 1979
Founder Josef Haidlmair
Headquarters Nußbach, Austria
Website www.haidlmair.at

The histoy of the HAIDLMAIR GROUP began in 1979 when Josef Haidlmair took over the forge of his father and when he decided to set up a mould making department.

Since then the company grew to be the leading manufacturer of injection moulds for beverage crates. Additionally HAIDLMAIR produces moulds for storage & logistics containers, pallets & pallet boxes, material containers and technical and automotive parts.

In over 25 years HAIDLMAIR has specialized in injection moulds for bottle crates with more than 1,000 shipped moulds world wide. This specialization has allowed the company to become the world market leader in this sector.

The main plant is located in Nußbach, Austria and has more than 280 employees. The Nußbach plant is the headquarter of the enterprise HAIDLMAIR GROUP with 9 companies in 4 countries with approximately 550 employees. The group has further production branches in Austria, Hungary and Canada.

There are two service centres available for mould maintenance. Also a mobile international service team for mould maintenance and repair at customers sites and for training is provided. Additionally HAIDLMAIR GROUP also includes a company that is specialized in the conceptual design and programming of individual software solutions and a company developing plastic design products.

Products / Technology

  • Injection moulds for
    • bottle crates
    • storage & logistic containers
    • pallets & pallet boxes
    • recycling containers
    • techno boxes
    • automotive parts
  • die-casting moulds


  • 1979 – Josef Haidlmair takes over the forge of his father and sets up a moulding making department
  • 1980 - invests in his first wire-EDM machine
  • 1983 – extension of mould making department and office
  • 1985 - Haidlmair sets up an apprentice-workshop to train own employees
  • 1988 – new machine hall and increase in production capacity through the purchase of new machining centres
  • 1989 - first injection mould for a bottle crate
  • 1990 - Construction of an assembly hall and office building
    • first large-capacity injection moulding machine (8,000 kN) is purchased for larger-sized injection moulds
  • 1992 - first injection mould for collapsible crates
  • 1993 - production floor area is increased to 3,000 m²
  • 1996 - first injection mould for Euro pallets
  • 1997 - new 5-axis machining centre
  • 1998 - prefabrication facility
  • 2000 - extensions of the production and office buildings
  • 2001 - completion of new office wing - floor area of design office increased to 230 m²
  • 2002 - size of mould proving facility increased by 1,400 m²
  • 2003 – first linear drive machine in Europe
  • 2005 - first injection moulds for "big boxes" (base area 120 x 80 cm / height 100 cm)
  • 2006 - additional CNC production hall (1,500 m²) and a newly built office for work methods improvement and quality management are put into service
    • HAIDLMAIR is awarded the title "Mouldmaker of the Year" in the category "External mouldmaking, over 100 employees"
  • 2007 - Investments into simulation programs (Moldflow)
  • 2009 - 30th anniversary of the company
  • 2011 - new investments into the modernisation of the machinery
  • 2012 - Chief Executive Officer, Josef Haidlmair hands over to his oldest son Mario Haidlmair
    • sales manager Helmut Fürtbauer hands over his post to Roland Gradauer
    • Large-scale reconstruction to the office building and construction of new machine hall with a total area of over 1,000m²
  • 2013 - modernisation of the machinery, big investments in new processing centers and redesign of the production facilities
    • Finalist at the competition "Mouldmaker of the year"
  • 2014 - further investments in the infrastructure and machinery
    • Anniversary "35 years HAIDLMAIR"
  • 2016 - opening of the HAIDLMAIR Service Center in Kirchdorf an der Krems
    • HAIDLMAIR invests € 7 Mio. in the factory in Nussbach. Construction of a new office building and a new production hall for CNC-automation.
    • Further investments in the machinery (CNC-machining centers, grinding machine, injection moulding machine)
  • 2017 - HAIDLMAIR wins the category "External Mouldmaker over 50 employees" of the competition "Excellence in Production"
    • Investments in new technologies (3D-printers for metal and plastics)


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