Founded ca. 1965
Headquarters Carmignano di Brenta, Italy

Company Profile

FIMIC started in the mid 1960s, entering the field of recycling manufacturing of guillotines for the cutting of industrial waste bales and rolls. The company decided in 1996 to improve the filtration method available at the time with the first FIMIC backflush that entered into service the following year. In 1998 the “scraping” system came into production.

Today the company showcases a long-term experience in the mechanical field, expanded also in plastics and paper industries. The staff and turnover are ever-growing, and 95% of FIMIC's products are designed, manufactured and assembled internally in their own facilities.

At FIMIC the key to effective design is simplicity and ease of use. Thus they made it their mission to design technologies that are able to reduce time and resources spent on a task.

FIMIC supports customers during the installation process of their products and also supports maintanance. With the continuous evolution of materials and employed techniques, along with the constant research on cutting-edge technology, it is mandatory for FIMIC to guarantee constant support.


  • Screen changers
    • design and manufacturing of self-cleaning automatic melt filters
  • Screw pumps
    • SPA pump that allows to transport plastic material melted by the extruder to the filter without using gears. This pump operates with a single screw and requires very little maintenance.
  • Guillotines
    • guillotines for the cutting of bales and rolls of industrial waste



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