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Clever Pack
Headquarters Brasil

Company Profile

From Brasil comes the company Clever Pack which is focused on developing innovative packaging and createing and redesigning packaging (lids, bottles and labels) according to the needs of their customers. The development aims on more sustainable packaging and better usability. Th company develops solutions and concepts from observation and unmet needs and adjusts these solutions to packaging.

The development of Clever Packs packaging is truly sustainable that meets the three pillars of a sustainable product:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Socially fair
  • Economically viable

Clever Pack‘s fundamental principle is to rethink packaging that has better usability, taking in consideration the profile and behavior of the modern consumer and a packaging that suits the user.

360° Development

  • client needs
  • interaction between the customers team and Clever Pack
  • definition of the strategy
  • creation concept of the package, cap and bottle
  • suggestions design with 3D model
  • prototypes
  • pilot cast
  • manufacturing of the new products along with the customer

Clever Pack gained several awards:

  • Worldstar award
  • Pack Expo Selects Award
  • Idea Brasil Award
  • Big Packaging Cases Award
  • Embanews Award
  • CNI Award

Products / Technology


  • Child resistant caps
  • Locking caps
  • Tamper-evident caps

The Clever Pack System provides

  • One piece cap and simple wall
  • Lighter cap
  • Lower power consumption during production
  • Facilitates recycling (just one raw material)
  • Lower fuel consumption for transportation (less weight and volume)
  • Cheapest System
  • Good use by elderly people (less strength to open)


In 2007 a group of motivated and experienced multidisciplinary professionals (the winner team of World Star) of the plastic packaging industry met to rethink plastic packaging. Since then the team is studying, rethinking, designing and making new packaging.

In early 2008 Clever Pack, a new company, was established. The company first materialized their ideas into prototypes, next manufactured pilot casts and then injected the plastic parts.


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