Guozhu Group


Guozhu Group
Founded 1993
Headquarters Huanghuahu, Hongkong, China

Company Profile

The Hong Kong Guozhu Group is located at Huanghuahu Industrial Zone of Fogang County, Qingyuan, Guangdong, in China. Guozhu Group specializes in the R&D and manufacturing of plastic packaging machines, plastic injection/blowing molds, plastic bottles since 1993, and holds several national patents. The company coveres researching, designing and manufacturing in PET & PP packaging industry and consists of three subsidiaries:

  • Guozhu Plastics Co., Ltd
  • Guozhu Blowing Equipment Co., Ltd
  • Guozhu Precision Mold Co., Ltd.

HK Guozhu combined covers an industrial area of more than 60,000 square meters.

HK Guozhu Group uses high-end machinery for the realization of their design ideas and for precision processing for their products. The production shares advanced technology, high-level robotization, reliable quality and preferential price.

Guozhu has been certified by ISO9001:2008 Quality System and CE.

Products / Technology

  • Automatic Rotary Blowing Machines
  • Automatic Rotary Blowing Machines
  • Automatic Blowing Machines
  • Automatic Linear Blowing Machines
  • Semi-automatic Blowing Machines
  • PET Injection Molds
  • PET Blow Molds
  • Mold Parts
  • Mold Parts
  • Preforms
  • Bottles
  • Closures


  • 1993 - Initiated the beverage bottle production business
  • 1995 - Initiated injection molds and blowing molds production services
  • 1998 - Produced and marketed the first semi-automatic blowing machine
  • 2000 - Exported first injection and blowing molds
  • 2000 - Qualified by Coca-Cola as PET bottle provider
  • 2002 - Exported first semi-automatic blowing machine
  • 2003 - Developing automatic 32 cavities valve-pin injection mold with hot runners
  • 2004 - Produced and marketed their first automatic blowing machine
  • 2004 - Qualified by Coca-Cola as a mold supplier
  • 2005 - Initiated production on automatic 48 cavities valve-pin injection molds with hot runners
    • Exported first automatic blowing machine
  • 2005 - Entered the pharmaceutical packaging industry
  • 2006 - Produced and marketed their first preform injection molding machine
  • 2007 - Development of automatic 72 and 96 cavities valve-pin injection molds with hot runners


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