Bonino S.p.A.
Headquarters Alessandria, Italy

Company Profile

The company Bonino designs, manufactures and sells Automatic Systems for the orientation, control of low, medium and high speed production lines and high production automatic assembly lines and is located in Alessandria in Italy. The Group operates worldwide in the industry sectors automotive, cosmetic, food and in the market type of assembly, packaging and filling,.

To continue their successful commitment to product and process innovation, Bonino works with their clients to fulfill their needs with a product/service combination of excellence which in terms of execution, reliability, strength and performance represents a real value-addition to competitive products and services. The management believes in responsible leadership, aiming at sustainable economic growth gained through respect for human values.

Products / Technology

  • Index Machines:
    • Vibrating feeding systems
    • Vibrating bowl feeders
    • Circular vibrating drive units
    • Linear vibrating drive units
    • Belt elevators
    • Belt hoppers
    • Vibrating hoppers
    • Control units
  • Automotive Line Industry
    • Soft launching feeding systems
    • Step feeder feeding systems
    • Step feeder modules
  • Packaging & Filling Industry
    • Disc feeding systems
    • Gravitational feeding systems
    • Disc feeding sorters
    • Gravitational feeding sorters
    • Preform de-dusting modules
    • Pneumatic transport systems
    • Counting machines feeding systems
    • Vibrating standard bowl feeders for caps
    • Caps de-dusting & sterilization system
  • Caps, Closures & Preform Industry
    • Caps control systems
    • Preforms control systems
    • Preforms treatment systems
    • Caps control modules
    • Caps laser marking modules
    • Pods barrier control modules
    • Caps de-dusting & sterilization system


  • 1979 – Bonino Group was founded with the purpose of offering solutions of high efficiency automatic orientation with innovative technologies
  • 1987 - Feeder Caps founded, producing rotating sorters within the “Filling Machines” division
  • 1993 - Tecno Vibrazioni founded, specialized in the production of vibrating feeders
  • 2008 – the merging of Tecno Vibrazioni and Feeder Caps formed the company Bonino Spa
  • 2012 – the holding Giovanni Bonino Spa was founded. The Bonino Group extended its product portfolio with gravitational feeders, pneumatic, magnetic and belt elevators.
  • 2013 - the company branch Socaut was acquired and the Bonino Group went into the Automotive business.
  • 2014 - Start Up WOW 2020 project (world & occupation within 2020)


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