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Company Profile

StackTeck is a Global provider of sophisticated integrated plastic tooling solutions for the injection molding industry, based in Ontario, Canada. StackTeck develops injection molds and systems from product and mold design to complete systems integration, providing effective and efficient production solutions for the industry.

Technical innovation in mold bases, quick product change and multi-level stack molds, The company differentiates itself by delivering higher productivity to the caps, closures, thin wall packaging, technical and medical markets. StackTeck also provides dedicated testing, service, repair and refurbishment resources to ensure the capacity to deliver global multi-mold programs which are proven and deliver ongoing performance for their customers.

Injection Mold Systems provided by StackTeck include complete In-Mold Labeling (IML) part and label design, mold prototyping, pilot testing and system integration at the company‘s Technical Service Center. The company‘s experience with high speed, high cavitation systems is well suited to IML projects to coordinate the needs of molders, label suppliers, material suppliers and end users. StackTeck has delivered IML molds and automated systems to customers in North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

Closure systems are highly dependent of the type of closure, market served molding process and end user packaging requirements. The closure systems from StackTeck are purpose built to incorporate in-mold and post mold automation while conserving energy and work in process steps. From high performance beverage systems to custom flip top and multi-material integrated cells, StackTeck provides flexible solutions.

Products / Technology

  • Mold Technologies
    • Single-face Molds
    • Stack Molds
    • Injection Molds with Quick Product Change (QPC)
    • Co-injection Molds
    • Multi-material Injection Molds
    • Molds for TRIM Ultra-Light-Weighting
  • Injection Mold Systems
    • Injection Mold System Integration
    • Turnkey Injection Mold Systems
    • In-Mold Labeling Container (IML) Pilot Cell
  • PET Preform Molds
    • Custom Fit
    • PET Hot Runners
    • Mold Cooling- KoolTrack™
    • Post mold Cooling
    • Mold Qualification


  • 1969 - Unique Mould Makers established in Toronto
  • 1976 - Tradesco established in Toronto
  • 1991 - World’s first 4 level stack mold
    • World’s first self-decompressing multilevel hot runner system
  • 1992 - First Quick Product Change (QPC) stack mold
  • 1994 - World’s first 4x24 stack mold
  • 1998 - World’s first fully balanced 3-level stack mold
  • 1999 - StackTeck Systems was created as parent company of Tradesco in October, 1998 and Unique was acquired in June, 1999
    • World’s first 5 piece collapsing core mold
  • 2001 - Tradesco and Unique merged
  • 2002 - First Turnkey IML system in North America
  • 2003 - First IML show system at NPE2003 in Chicago
  • 2004 - World’s first 4x32 stack molds
  • 2005 - First turnkey IML stack mold systems in North America
  • 2007 - World’s first 2x64 unscrewing cap mold
  • 2012 - World’s first 2x32 co-injection stack mold
  • 2013 - First production mold with the use of TRIMTM technology
  • 2014 - Fastest 1881 2.5g beverage cap mold (3.5 seconds)
  • 2016 - World’s first 2x64 flip-top closure mold
  • 2017 - World’s first Klear Can co-injection production mold
    • World’s first production mold for a 1.3g 2925 post mold folded and slit closure (2.5 seconds cycle time)
    • First stack mold for TRIMTM
    • First injection compression development mold
  • 2018 - World’s first TRIMTM MuCell thinwall cup mold
    • First servo IMC for flip-top cap mold
    • First injection compression show mold for NPE2018
  • 2019 - First FastTrackTM mold capability announced with automated design & 8 week delivery
    • First Rectangular TRIMTM production mold built
    • StackTeck Asia established in South Korea


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