Promix Solutions


Promix Solutions AG
Headquarters Winterthur, Switzerland
Key people
Florian Baumgärtner, Christian Schlummer, Rolf Heusser, Torsten Clasen

Company Profile

Promix Solutions offers unique key technologies in the area of mixing, foaming and cooling to the plastics processing and polymer production industry. An experienced team has extensive process and application know-how accompanies their customers at every step of the way to process optimization.

Promix Solutions can rely on more than 30 years of experience and has 40’000 project references worldwide. Grouping the former plastic processing activities of Sulzer AG, Promix’s operational headquarter is located in Winterthur, Switzerland. A second facility is located in Wetzlar, Germany where a broad inventory stock allows customers to have fast access to most of Promix static mixer solutions.

The company has an extensive and well established network of partners and agents that provides easy and efficient customer access to Promix products and services.


  • Static mixers
    • Extrusion and Melt Blenders
    • Injection Molding and Mixing Nozzles
    • Static Mixer Technology
    • Static mixer color change & cleaning
  • Foam Extrusion
    • pilot plant facilities
    • Foam extrusion system inquiry
    • sustainable packaging
  • CO2 and N2 Gas dosing stations
  • XPS/XPE/XPP foams
  • Melt Cooler
    • P1 Cooling Mixer
  • Inline Viscosity Measurement
    • Viscosity measurement, accurate and inline. True real time quality control



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