New Thinking Mold


New Thinking Mold
Founded 2011
Headquarters Zhejiang, China

Company Profile

New Thinking Mold is a high tech manufacturer of preform mould and its equipment. The company manufactures, designs, researches and develops preforms since 2011 and is located in Zhejiang, China.

The company sold around 36,000 cavity preform moulds worldwide. These molds are highly regarded by customers in Egypt, Tunis, Nigeria, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Canada, Brazil, Iran, Vietnam, Indonesia, New Zealand and many more countries.

New Thinking Mold holds several patents for injection preform molds.


  • New product development
  • Accessories customization
  • Preform mold refurbishment

Products and Services

  • 64 cavity preform mold
  • 48 cavity preform mold
  • 32 cavity preform mold
  • 16 cavity preform mold
  • 8 cavity oil bottle preform mold
  • 4 cavity 3/5 gallon preform mold
  • 16 cavity wide mouth preform mold
  • 12 cavity wide mouth preform mold
  • 4 cavity wide mouth preform mold



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