Founded 1806
Headquarters Minneapolis, USA

Company Profile

Valspar as a leading supplier of packaging coating solutions, has a long history of innovation, providing technology that evolves with industry market and regulatory demands for the food industry’s most secure package, the metal can.

ValPure non-BPA food can coatings have been designed to provide maximum protection for both the packed products and the metal can throughout the processes of application, fabrication and packing.

The ValPure non-BPA coating solutions from Valspar continue the innovation for two-piece beverage cans, bottles, and ends, monobloc bottles, and bottle crowns.

ValPure coatings for beverage containers have been developed to work with all beverage types including beer, carbonated soft drinks, energy drinks, ready to drink teas, and milks while maintaining line efficiencies and productivity.

Customers benefit working with Valspar and their full support team of experts. Working in Valspar locations around the world, their experts are familiar with the local, national, and global regulatory challenges and environmental issues that affect their customers business.

Products / Technology

  • barrier additives for plastic containers
  • food can coatings
  • beverage container coatings
  • cap and closure coatings
  • drum and pail coatings
  • tube an monobloc coatings
  • aerosol and speciality cans
  • glass coatings


  • 1806 – Valspar begins as a Paint dealership in Boston
  • 1830 – Clipper ships navigating the Atlantic are protected by Valspar paint
  • 1870 – Minnesota Linseed Oil Paint Company is founded
  • 1906 – first production of Valspar varnish
  • 1927 – Valspar varnish on Charles Lindberghs ‚Spirit of St. Louis‘
  • 1935 – first commercial beer cans are lined with clear vinyl made by Valspar
  • 1950s – coatings for drawn aluminum cans and steel D&I cans
  • 1970 – Valspar moves headquarters to Minneapolis and opens on the New York Stock Exchange as VAL
  • 1988 – Valspar commercializes first universal coating for oil-coated beverage can ends
  • 1992 – develops first approved universal solvent-based non-vinyl beverage end coatings
  • 1996 – introduced first universal water-based non-vinyl end coatings
  • 2006 – aquisitions in China, Europe and Brazil
  • 2011 – commercializes non-BPA closure technology


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