Aoki Technical Laboratory, Inc.
Founded 1976
Headquarters Hanishina-gun, Nagano-ken, Japan
Key people

Shigeto Aoki, Chairman

Shuichi Koshi, President

Company Profile

Aoki Technical Laboratory, Inc., Japan is specialized in planning, developing and manufacture of injection stretch-blow moulding machines, moulds, auxiliary equipment and parts for moulding plastic bottles.

Products / Technology

Injection stretch blow moulding machines

  • General Purpose Machines
  • Special Purpose Machines for Small Containers
  • Special Purpose Machine for Narrow Neck Containers
  • Special Purpose Machine for Wide Mouth Containers
  • Aoki Series


  • Container light-weighting and thin-walling technologies: Combining advanced technological development capabilities Direct Heatcon moulding technology: Blow technology designed to lighten the neck section, solutions to off-centering when molding ultra-thin oval bottles, and technologies for moulding containers with walls of even thickness and for countering vacuum deformation in wide mouth containers, enable the moulding of high added value containers. Light-weighting through the use of neck section blow technologies and other means also enables the moulding cycle to be shortened.
  • Moulding technologies for different plastics: Heat resistance, air-tightness, chemical resistance, strength and impact resistance are just some of the increasing diversity of functions and characteristics required of containers. Stable container moulding is now possible with plastics such as PET, PC, PP, HDPE, HIPS, PEN, PE and PA that have varying characteristics.
  • Moulding Technologies for specific container shapes and sizes: Oval container moulding technology, Off-center container moulding technology, Small containers, Thin-walled container moulding, Thick-walled container moulding, Grip containers, Handle containers, Long neck bottles
  • Moulding technologies for 100% rPET: The AOKI eco project is a used PET bottle recycling system. The project enables 100% recycled PET flakes from washed and shredded used PET bottles to be used directly to produce new PET bottles. AOKI Series moulding machines are able to mould very high quality containers from 100% recycled PET flake material.


  • Total Support for Container Production
  • Container Design - Engineering and Styling
  • Mould development and Manufacture
  • Flexible support for all requirements from extra small to large containers
  • Container Business Consulting
  • Technical Services


  • 1975 - Four-station injection stretch-blow moulding machine developed
  • 1976 - Aoki Technical Laboratory, Inc. founded
  • 1980 - Four-station injection stretch-blow moulding machine awarded Plastics Grand Prize
  • 1984 - Three-station injection stretch-blow moulding machine developed
    • Direct Heatcon injection stretch-blow moulding technology developed
  • 1987 - Japan Synthetic Plastic Technical Association Prize awarded in recognition of development of transparent PP injection stretch-blow moulding technology
  • 1988 - American SPE prize awarded for outstanding achievements in blow moulding
    • Founder Katashi Aoki passes away
    • Shigeto Aoki appointed President
  • 1990 - New head office/factory completed, and first factory extension
    • Aoki Manufacturing Co., Ltd. merged into Aoki Technical Laboratory, Inc. with capital of 11 million yen
    • Worldwide promotion of Direct Heatcon injection stretch-blow moulding technology
  • 1992 - Development of molding technology for edible oil, juice and other containers with handles attached in a post-moulding process
  • 1993 - Second factory extension (office)
  • Development of A-PET material moulding technology
  • 1995 - AOKI-250LL-50 machine showcased at PAKEX'95, wins the Best Machine of the Show award
  • 1997 - Total number of shipped machines reaches 1,000
  • 1999 - Development of technology for moulding 5L / 5kg integrated handle containers
  • Development of technology for moulding eye-drop container with neck internal diameter of 5.5mm
  • 2000 - 25th anniversary
    • SBⅢ-350LL-40 and SBⅢ-500LL-75 converted to high cycle
    • Development of off-center bottle (motor oil etc.) moulding technology
  • 2001 - SBⅢ-350LL-100 converted to high cycle
  • 2002 - SBⅢ-500-150 converted to high cycle
    • Increasing moulding tests on baby bottles made of PPSU, PA, PES, PP, PEN, PCO and other PC substitutes owing to growing worldwide concern over Bisphenol A health risks
  • 2003 - Development of ultra-thin wall moulding technology for molding 750mL refill container (750mL Ugly Duckling)
  • 2004 - SBⅢ-100L-20 and SBⅢ-250P-50L converted to high cycle
  • 2005 - Development of ultra-thick wall moulding technology using PETG, PCTA, and PCTG etc.
    • Development of ultra-thin wall molding technology for molding 1L refill container (1L Ugly Duckling)
    • Molding of ultra-thick water bottle from Tritan
  • 2006 - AOKI-350LL-100 converted to high cycle
    • Development of ultra-thin wall moulding technology for molding 1.5L refill container (1.5L Ugly Duckling)
  • 2007 - Development of technology for moulding Ugly Duckling pouch container (aka Columbus' Egg)
  • 2009 - Aoki hybrid concept (optimization of electric, hydraulic and pneumatic)
  • 2013 - Shigeto Aoki appointed Chairman
    • Shuichi Koshi appointed President
  • 2015 - 40th anniversary
    • Initiatives for ongoing process improvement


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