JMS International Packaging


JMS International Packaging
Headquarters Sherbrooke (Quebec), Canada

Company Profile

From Sherbrooke, Canada comes the company JMS International Packaging.

A combination of 30 years of plastic knowledge specializes the company in the production of high quality packaging materials. Over the years JMS has evolved into a multi-product and multi-service business, offering their customers a vast variety of packaging possibilities.

The company‘s product line is diversified and made to respond to the needs of the entire food market. JMS stands for innovative products created through established proven technology and advanced R&D.

The company continuously seeks new knowledge on products, production technologies, and alternative working methods and encourages and supports responsible risk-taking by thinking outside the box.

JMS International helps their customers to develop and expand their own, while making the most of truly exceptional packaging materials, tailored to customer demands, exact specifications and financial possibilities.

JMS is specialized in designing, manufacturing and delivering complete packaging solutions by R&D, design, 3D prototyping, mold making and manufacturing, including blow molding, injection molding and stretch blow molding.

JMS produces manufactures bottles with new a developed and patented PET plastic (PETB1). This new patented plastic offers the best barrier to CO2 plus oxygen egress on the market (as of 2019). This unique new material also protects the product from UV rays and is available in transparent or opaque versions. The product is claimed to resist impact and ensures a certain economy compared to glass. The formula has enabled JMS to obtain a recycle code 1. It has strong resistance to hot filling and is much lighter than glass.

Products / Technology

  • PET bottles
    • Recyclable 1
    • unbreakable
    • resistant to hot filling
    • best product shelf life on the market


  • Reaearch && Development
  • Design
  • 3D prototyping
  • mold making
  • manufacturing
    • blow molding
    • injection molding
    • stretch blow molding



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