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GEA Procomac S.p.A.
Headquarters Sala Berganza, Italy

Company Profile

GEA Procomac S.p.A., Sala Berganza, Italy, is a global company which designs, manufactures and installs complete aseptic filling lines for sensitive products (such as juices, isotonic drinks, tea, milk and milk-based beverages with and without particulates up to 10x10x10 mm) and traditional filling lines for water and CSD in PET bottles.

Products groups

Blowing and Filling

Aseptic Blow Moulders

Blow-filling is aseptic only when blowing is aseptic and this is reached only maintaining the environment within the stretch blow moulding wheel sterile and sterilization.

Aseptic Fillers

GEA offers complete filling lines which means that we also take care of the complicated task of line integration and control. In order to provide an efficient production line, it is important to consider all parts of the system together. Our experience and our “intelligent automation” enable us to guarantee the total line performance.

ESL Blow Moulders

After many years of experience in the technique of aseptic blow fill (ABF), GEA has developed ESL Blow Fill technology for sensitive products that are to be distributed through the cold chain.

ESL Fillers

The filling of sensitive beverages for distribution through the cold chain, demands high levels of hygiene and safety. The new range of volumetric electronic fillers from GEA meets those clean environment requirements.

Container Sterilization for Aseptic Filling

GEA offers both WET and DRY sterilization technology for any PET preform, for any PET/HDPE bottle and for any kind of closure allowing filling of beverages with different pH on the same system.

Palletizers Depalletizers

The GEA range of palletizers and depalletizers covers all beverage, food and home & care applications, all container and secondary packaging configuration and every type of pallet management.


Gripstar rotary rinsing machines are available as stand-alone units or as part of a filling and capping system. They offer the latest rinsing technology with important features such as: dual rinsing media on the same carousel; electrostatic charge reduction; and optimized water consumption.


Aseptic and ESL filling lines for sensitive products:

  • Juices
  • Isotonic drinks
  • Tea
  • Milk and milk-based beverages

with and without particulates

traditional filling lines:

  • Water
  • CSD
  • Fresh milk



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