MAG Plastic Machinery S.A.


MAG Plastic Machinery S.A.
Headquarters Vouvry, Switzerland

Company Profile

With nearly 30 years of experience in design and manufacture of innovative linear 2 stage Stretch- Blow moulding machines, Magplastic has become an internationally recognized name in PET packaging production machinery. Our machines have established our reputation for producing high quality biaxial oriented PET bottles / containers.

Magplastic's ambition is to meet your blow-moulded packaging needs.

Today Magplastic is composed of 3 entities to better serve our localized customers. MAG- PLASTIC MACHINERY SA from Switzerland, MAG-PLASTIC MACHINERY, INC. from the USA (name changed to AISA Industrial Automation North America Inc. in 2013) and MAGPLASTIC ASIA PVT. LTD. from India, are all members of SIH Group, a leading global engineering organization offering plastic packaging production technology solutions to markets world-wide.

Products / Technology


  • Synchronised stretch blow machines
  • Linear blow moulder
  • Super large container stretch blow-moulding machine


  • preferential heating for special bottle shapes
  • Customized packaging solutions for neck orientation
  • Alternative raw materials
  • Loading system for special preforms


  • early 1980s – began activity in Geneva, Switzerland
  • 2002 - MAG-Plastic Machinery SA becomes a member of the Swiss SIHGroup
  • 2002 – established plant for engineering and after sales services in Vouvry, Switzerland
  • 2002 – Magpalastic USA is locatd in Cincinnati, Ohio (USA)
  • 2003 – Magplastic Asia was founded in Pune, India
  • 2006 – Magplastic enterd cooporation agreement with SISTEC S.r.l.
  • 2013 - Mag-Plastic Machinery, Inc. Has undergone a name change to AISA Industrial Automation North America Inc.


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