Mahathanee Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Founded 1992
Headquarters Bangkok, Thailand

Company Profile

Starting business in 1992 the company Mahathanee Industrial Co.,Ltd. initially produced PET bottles in Bangkok, Thailand. From 1997 the enterprise started manufacturing PET blowing machines on their own. Since 2000 the company is active in construction and manufacturing of PET blow molding machines, preform PET blow molds and PET blowing molds.

Today Mahathanee produces machines in varios models for the procuction of PET containers from 30 milliliters up to 20 liters and assists their customers with advice on the design of PET bottles to manufacture quality products. The company provides a service team for customers to maintain and repair not only Mahathanee‘s products but also machines or molds that customers having in use from company‘s such as SIDEL, KRONES, ASB and AOKI.

Apart from blowing machines, the Mahathanee has pre-form and PET blowing molds for sale. The pre-form PET molds are customized in accordance with the needs of each customer in order to ensure the effectiveness and convenience of the manufacturing of the designed PET bottles.

Products / Technology

  • Automatic Plastic Bottle Blowing Machines
  • Automatic cap counter
  • Sleeve label machines


  • 1992 – founded for the production of PET bottles
  • 1997 – started manufacturing of their own PET blowing machines
  • 2000 – production of Preform molds and PET blowing molds


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