Automa BM srl
Founded 1972
Founder Vittorio Gentili
Headquarters Valsamoggia (Bologna), Italy

Company Profile

Automa BM Srl was founded in 1972 by Vittorio Gentili in Valsamoggia, Bologna in Italy and is in the international market since 1975. The company manufactures blow moulding machines on customer request and designs its own machine controller with a proprietary owned software package that meets demands for a user friendly operating system that is easy to maintain. Automa’s machines can produce containers and technical parts used for a variety of markets such as food, detergents, pharmaceuticals/medical, chemical, cosmetics/personal care, automotive and others.

Products / Technology


  • Continuos extrusion shuttle blow moulding machine
  • Accumulator head blow moulding machine
  • Injection-blow moulding machine for manufacturing quality containers made in PET, PE, PP, PVC



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