Nishant Mouldings


Nishant Mouldings
Founded 2001
Headquarters Bangalore, India
Number of employees

Company Profile

Nishant Mouldings Pvt. Ltd. is a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of PET preforms, PET jars and PET bottles. The company entered market in 2001 with head offices located in Bangalore/Karnataka, India.

The company provides PET packaging solutions to a wide range of dealers in diverse market segments of the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector. Nishant Mouldings solutions are aimed at sustainability that decrease packaging and transportation costs, eliminate the issue of breakages, reduce the carbon footprint and are recyclable.

The company offers a wide range of PET Preforms, PET bottles, PET Containers, PET Jars, Caps and Closures manufactured from high quality plastic. The products are manufactured in various sizes for meeting the exact clients requirements at affordable prices.


  • PET containers
  • PET preforms
  • PET bottles
  • PET jars
  • PCO Neck PET preforms
  • Alaska PET preforms
  • Caps and closures
  • 120 mm PET Jar preforms
  • 96 nn PET Jar preforms
  • 63 mm PET jar preforms
  • 53 mm PET jar preforms
  • 83 mm PET jar preforms
  • 28 mm ROPP PET preforms
  • Husky preforms
  • Neck PET preforms


  • 2001 - founded in Bangalore/Karnataka in India


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