Founded 2006
Headquarters Győr, Hungary

Company Profile

HRC is a small family-owned business located in Győr, Hungary that started operations in 2006. The product portfolio consist of premium PET tooling components and spare parts, manufactured to strict specifications. Specifically selected partners deliver continuous performance, to ensure customer systems running at maximum performance and uptime. Material, manufacturing process and tolerances are controlled to guarantee the highest part-to-part consistency. HRC parts meet or exceed OEM part performance.

Furthermore HRC offers PET hot runner refurbishments and can rely on rely on 10+ years of in-depth know how and experience of hot runner parts manufacture and hot runner assembly and refurbishing.

Besides PET hot runner refurbishments, the company also offers non-PET and co-injection hot runner cleaning services and overhauls. Tailor-made jobs can also be executed, such as thermal cleaning and extrude honing of manifolds and ultrasonic cleaning.

HRC's custom-built workshop is equipped with the latest technologies, that enables the company to work efficiently while maintaining a lean and robust operation. This has resulted in over 110 hot runners refurbished to date, with highly positive feedback and returning customers in over 30 countries.

The company has built close relationships with the industry's leading spare parts suppliers, focusing on component quality and consistency to ensure correct functionality and longevity over part cost.

HRC is aware of the growing awareness and challenges that the industries and our customers face in terms of climate change and CO emissions. Since 2019, 100% of HRC's consumed electrical energy is renewable and self-produced.

The company's waste management includes the meticulous separation into the different recycling waste streams for collection by local recycling factions. Waste is disposed of through local energy recovery streams.


  • PET hot runner spare parts
    • Premium quality PET hot runner components for all market-leading technologies
  • PET hot runner refurbishments
    • Partial or full PET hot runner refurbishment services of all types
  • Non-PET& Co-Injection hot runner refurbishments
    • Customized investigative, troubleshooting, cleaning, and repair services, through state-of-the-art and automated cleaning processes
  • Manifold cleaning and inspection
  • Extrude honing
  • Ultrasonic cleaning


  • 2006 - founded


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