Cold Jet


Cold Jet
Founded 1986
Headquarters Loveland, USA

Company Profile

Headquartered in Loveland, Ohio in the USA the company Cold Jet is a global expert in environmentally sustainable cleaning, surface preparation and transport cooling solutions.

Engineering, R&D and production operations are maintained at their headquarters facility and all of Cold Jet‘s line of products are assembled and tested in their 20,000 sq ft assembly operations facility adjacent to the company‘s headquarters offices.

The enterprise is committed to offer a wide selection of reliable and dependable dry ice blasting systems, dry ice production equipment, engineered systems and nozzles. As the largest dry ice technology company in the world Cold Jet has 220+ direct employees and more than 100 contractors and distributors.

In 2009 Cold Jet added a new high-tech machining and manufacturing facility in Milford, Ohio and operates engineering, assembly and manufacturing facilities in Denmark and Poland for their IceTech line of dry ice cleaning and production equipment.

To ensure communication with world wide customers Cold Jet has a global presence with a European office – Cold Jet BVBA – located in Zellik, Belgium and direct sales and support offices in Canada, Mexico, Germany, Denmark, France, Spain, Poland, Japan, China and the Middle East.

Cold Jet's customer support team of technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Products / Technology

  • Pellet Dry Ice Cleaning Machines
  • Dry Ice Pelletizers
  • MicroParticle Dry Ice Cleaning Machines
  • MicroParticle Dry Ice Cleaning Machines
  • Specialty Cleaning Products
  • Automated/Engineered Systems


  • 1986 – founded in Loveland, Ohio/USA
  • 1988 – first patent-protected and industrially certified dry ice blasting product
  • 1988 – production of large, integrated dry ice pellet making and pellet blasting systems
  • 1992 – Pellet making and pellet blasting systems were separated
  • 1993 - The patented coatings removal process, FLASHJET®, earns the FAA's approval
  • 1994 - To keep up with increasing demand, international locations capable of supporting RDS product installations in the U.S., Europe and Japan are developed
  • 1996 - aerospace technology was applied to the product, ancillary equipment was all but eliminated, blasting performance was improved, units were downsized, noise was reduced and prices were cut in half
  • 1999 – development of low-pressure, low-volume blasting nozzles
  • 2001 - developed P3000: 4-cylinder Pelletizer
  • 2002 - AeRO Series Radial Feed product line and the P325 mini-Pelletizer makes its debut
  • 2003 – founded Cold Jet BVBA in Brussels, Belgium
    • aquired Alpheus, California/USA
  • 2004 – opening of Cold Jet Deutschland GmbH in Weinsheim Germany
  • 2005 - introduction of the i³MicroClean
  • 2006 - opening of two new locations: Cold Jet Canada and Cold Jet Latin America (Mexico), providing sales, service, parts and rentals.
  • 2008 - opening of new location: Cold Jet Middle East, providing sales, service, parts and rentals throughout the Middle East region.
  • 2009 - opening of a new high-tech machining and manufacturing facility in Milford, Ohio.
  • 2010 - opening of two new sales offices: France and Poland, providing sales and service in their regions.
    • introduction of the PR750 Integrated Pelletizer and Reformer system to produce 3 mm High density Pellets or Slices with quick size change option
  • 2011 - introduction of the SDI Select 60 dry ice cleaning machine
  • 2012 - opening of two new locations: Cold Jet China and Cold Jet Japan, providing sales and service in Asia
  • 2013 - opening of new location: Cold Jet Spain, providing sales and service in the region
  • 2014 – launch of the XP User Experience accessory line
  • 2015 - introduction of the E160 Pelletizer
    • Cold Jet launches New Aero Series
  • 2016 - Cold Jet Acquires IceTech


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