GASSNER Ges.m.b.H.
Headquarters Frankenmarkt, Austria

Company Profile

GASSNER is a company producing closure feeding systems and is located in Frankenmarkt, Austria. For more than 20 years, GASSNER has been offering suitable solutions for every type of closure with a high degree of innovative strength and inventive spirit. A large number of patents and industrial property rights safeguard the know-how acquired in global competition.

From simple systems for cap transport to high-tech solutions with inspection technology, customers use GASSNER know-how not only in Austria but worldwide. Renowned customers include Frankenmarkter, Stiegl, Zipfer, Römerquelle, Vöslauer, Efko as well as Coca-Cola, Heineken and Nestlé. The trust of the customers is expressed in the continuous growth of the company.

As a service, GASSNER offers additional preventive inspections which serve to extend the service life of the systems and prevent unexpected system downtimes with expensive consequential costs. A 24/7 hotline is available to customers.


  • Conventional feeding systems
    • in conventional capping systems, the capping machine has a sorting mechanism
    • the feed is transported as bulk material
  • Oriented feeding systems
    • is used when a sorter directly above the capper is not desired (e.g. for hygienic reasons)
    • in the case of oriented cap loading systems, the orientation of the caps is carried out next to the filling area by a sorting section conveyor
    • already oriented closures are then fed with special conveying technology (oriented conveying principle)



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