Founded 2009
Founder Tonnis Hooghoudt
Headquarters Eindhoven, Netherlands

Company Profile

Founded in 2009 as a spin-off from the Eindhoven University of Technology and the Dutch Polymer Institute the company Ioniqa operates as a high-tech chemical company and is specialized in the development of Magnetic Smart Processes, which includes Magnetic Smart Materials and Separation Processes.

Magnetic Smart Materials are a novel class of smart materials that reversibly changes its properties when a magnetic field is applied. The company‘s name, Ioniqa, refers to the use of Ionic Liquids in these materials.

During Ioniqa‘s process the colorant of plastic waste is taken out and the recycled materials made from this PET waste are identical and with the same quality to those made from oil, food safety and competitive prices.

Ioniqa’s Magnetic Smart Materials and Separation Process is a platform technology. The scaling up of Ioniqa’s novel technology is focused on PET plastics only but it could be applied to other plastics and organic materials as well. Inoniqa consideres that fields like food and biomedical applications would also benefit from it.

Products / Technology

Ioniqa produces customized Magnetic Smart Materials that fit specific customer requirements.

  • Magnetic Fluids
    • Magneto Rheological Fluids
    • Ferrofluids
    • Magnetic Ionic Liquids
  • Magnetic Rubber
    • Magneto Rheological Elastomers
  • Magnetic Gel
    • Magneto Rheological Gels



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