Packsys Global


PackSys Global AG
Founded 1969
Headquarters Rüti, Switzerland

Company Profile

PackSys Global AG is a manufacturer of packaging equipment, suited for oral and personal care, cosmetic, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries for more than 40 years.

The company production range includes complete lines for laminate, plastic and aluminum tubes, plastic beverage caps and monobloc aerosol cans, offset decoration equipment for aluminum and plastic caps as well as high precision automatic hot stamping solutions.

Research and development productiuon teams are located at specialized plants in Switzerland and Thailand to ensure constant development and integration of the latest technology of PackSys Globals equipment.

Service centers in Brazil, China, India, Switzerland, Thailand and USA provide local service to the customer.

Products / Technology

  • Laminate tube machines
  • Cosmetic tube machines
  • Plastic cap production machines
  • Metal cap lines
  • Aerosol can lines
  • Aluminum tube lines
  • Hot stamping systems
  • Tube, can and cartdridge packing


  • 1969 – foundation of KMK laminate and extruded tube machinery
  • 2001 - acquired WESCO Aluminum tubes and monobloc aluminum aerosol can lines
  • 2002 - acquired Oberburg Engineering metal and plastic cap machinery
  • 2004 - rebrand as PackSys Global
  • 2011 - acquired by Brückner Group
  • 2013 - acquired MADAG Printing Systems AG and TEXA AG became member of PackSys Global Group
  • 2014 - Combitool AG became member of PackSys Global Group


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