Founded 1967
Headquarters Europe: Verbania, Italy
South America: Paulinia, Brazil
USA: Global Business and Technology Center; Plymouth, Michigan
Key people
William C. Young (President & CEO)
Number of employees

Company Profile

Plastipak Packaging, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Plastipak Holdings, Inc., is a global company providing design and manufacture of rigid plastic containers for the food, beverage, and consumer products industries. Plastipak operates more than 47 production sites in the United States, South America, Africa, Asia and Europe, with a total of over 6,600 employees. One major focus is on the production of PET preforms and containers..

Plastipak Packaging, Inc., is headquartered in Plymouth Michigan. Plastipak’s affiliate companies: Clean Tech recycles over 200 million pounds of plastic per year and WhiteLine Express, a trucking and logistics management company, log’s over 25 million miles a year.


  • Beverage: Beverage Container: Plastipak offers a broad range of beverage containers, from a multi-gallon container to a single serve bottle to custom sized soft drink containers: CSD; Hot fill nutritional beverages; Juices, teas and sports drinks; Waters (Still and sparkling)
  • Consumer Cleaning. Plastipak has developed a durable selection of sustainable packages for heavy-duty liquid laundry detergent and household cleaning products. The company offers "Intuitive Packaging" features for added consumer convenience such as filling and capping capabilities, easy-to-pour designs and wide mouth packages.
  • Food
  • Industrial and Automotive
  • Personal Care
  • Preforms: Wide range of sustainable preform sizes and forms to major brands domestically and internationally. Building on its recycling expertise as well as its Bio-based PET capability, Plastipak offers environmentally friendly PET packaging with preforms & bottles consisting of 75% rPET & 25% Bio-based PET. The Recycled PET as well as the Bio-based PET are produced by Plastipak.
  • Bio-based PET: Plastipak, with its affiliate, Clean Tech, has the capability to recover, reduce, reuse and recycle billions of pounds of plastics each year. Resin making (Bio-based PET) is part of their eco-packaging process using state-of-the-art recycling technologies.
  • Specialty Products - Spirits and Beer Bottles:Plastipak's targeted packaging solutions for specialty products such as alcohol, beer and other distilled spirits take advantage of the strength and flexibility that plastic provides for maintaining product quality. Plastipak's technology protects the beverage’s flavor from being compromised by the plastic container. The company offers a full range of surface barrier solutions for an expanding number of specialty products.


Plastipak Packaging, Inc., was founded in 1967.


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