Negri Bossi


Negri Bossi
Founded 1947
Headquarters Cologno Monzese (MI), Italy

Company Profile

The italian company Negri Bossi was founded in 1947 by Mr. Negri and Mr. Bossi and started right away with the manufacturing of injection moulding machines to process thermoplastic and thermoset materials.

Today Negri Bossi continues that tradition and provides leading companies around the globe with a complete array of standard and specially-engineered technologies for their thermoplastic, thermoset, and elastomer injection moulding requirements. The company works with some of the most recognisable, high tech and luxury brands in the world, and is able to assist any injection moulding company no matter the size or application.

Headquartered in Milan, Italy Negri Bossi has wholly-owned subsidiaries, service and sales agents around the globe. The company is recommended and renowned as an international leader in the field of injection moulding and their machines set the industry benchmark for low energy consumption while ensuring that customers benefit a major competitive advantage while remaining environmentally-friendly.

Negri Bossi offers a wide range of injection moulding machines which are engineered for maximum reliability, performance and durability. The company‘s product portfolio features a comprehensive range of machines that are designed to meet various needs of injection moulders while keeping a focus on energy consumption, footprint, accessibility, and savings. Negri Bossi offers toggle and two-platen models with hydraulic, hybrid and all-electric power configurations ranging from 70 to 7000 tonnes of clamp force with efficiency, excellent productivity and high performance.

Products / Technology

Injection Moulding Machines

  • Toggle
    • Servo Hydraulic, 180 to 500 tons clamp force
    • Hybrid with accumulators, 300 to 450 tons clamp force
    • All Electric, 50 to 350 tons clamp force
    • Hybrid Accumulated, 700 to 1150 tons clamp force
    • Servo Hydraulic, 700 to 1150 clamp force
  • Two-Platen
    • Hydraulic, 70 to 160 tons clamp force
    • Hybrid, 1000 to 7000 tons clamp force
  • Special machines
    • a variety of custom-engineered injection moulding machines


  • 2015 - opening of NBMX SA de CV subsidiary in Mexico
  • 2014 - BI-POWER Series widens to include a 7000-tonne model
    • acquisition of Negri Bossi (India) PVT LTD subsidiary (India)
  • 2011 - acquisition of SYTRAMA brand part removal robots
  • 2010 - Negri Bossi produces company’s third generation of all-electric machinesfirst, the VESTA Series injection moulding machine
  • 2009 - launch of JANUS Series, the first hybrid machine designed for energy savings
  • 2004 - Negri Bossi launches the BI-POWER Series, the first two-platen machine
  • 2002 - acquisition of BM BIRAGHI, allowing Negri Bossi more capability in the food and beverage and packaging markets
  • 2001 - Negri Bossi launches a new line of all-electric machines
    • acquisition of OIMA brings Negri Bossi into the packaging market
  • 2000 - presentation of the new AMICO remote diagnostics and tele-service system
    • opening of Negri Bossi North America and Negri Bossi Inc. subsidiaries (USA and Canada)
  • 1999 - acquisition of Negri Bossi LTD and Negri Bossi France subsidiaries (England and France)
  • 1998 - Negri Bossi launches the CANBIO Series, featuring the computer controlled digital control system CAN
  • 1997 - introduction of first Negri Bossi injection moulding machines to incorporate the use of digital signal technology
  • 1996 - launch of VECTOR Series, high tonnage injection moulding machines with vectorial inverter and Bosch hydraulic system
    • opening of Negri Bossi S.A. subsidiary (Spain)
  • 1994 - introduction of energy-saving variable volume pumps on injection moulding machines
  • 1985 - Negri Bossi sells the first multi-component injection moulding machine
  • 1983 - adoption of the Dimigraphic 90 multiprocessor control with video monitor
  • 1980 - Negri Bossi adopts the microprocessor control system
  • 1975 - introduction of the computer electronic control system
  • 1967 - Negri Bossi introduces the first pressure and speed proportional control system in the industry
  • 1961 - Negri Bossi is the first global brand to develop an injection moulding machine with hydraulic in-line screw motor
  • 1959 - adoption of the injection unit with reciprocating screw managed by an hydraulic motor
  • 1952 - introduction of the electrical controller adopted on injection moulding machines
  • 1947 - Negri Bossi is one of the first companies to produce plastic injection moulding machines in Europe, launching the model NB28


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