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Headquarters Dornbirn, Austria
Key people
Hermann Eberle / Johannes Steurer(CEOs and owners)
Number of employees
Website www.z-moulds.com

Company Profile

Z-moulds produces high cavity precision injection moulds for the packaging industry, especially for caps and closures for internationally notable clients. For standard closure designs z-moulds applies its own developments as well as the patented z-slides® mould technology, for multi-component injection moulding (plastic parts with varying materials or colours) the z-cube mould technology. From product development to serial production, clients are attended by z-moulds specialists.

In the project “resealable can end” z-moulds bears the responsibility for optimizing the single product parts and for the mould construction involved, including process development.

z-moulds is located in Dornbirn, Austria.

Products / Technology


High-cavitation injection moulds

  • Stack moulds, unscrewing moulds, flip-top moulds with in-mould closing; all up to 144 cavities.
  • Globally patented z-slides® mould technology for caps with tamper-evident band

Multi-component injection moulds

  • z-cube technology for multi-component injection-moulded: For different combinations of colour and material such as HDPE with TPE and many other combinations.
  • For the right mould everything is available: rotary table, over-moulding and core pullback technology.

Cap design

Standard beverages - still and sparkling.

The z-cap portfolio contains cap designs for all commonly-used bottle neck finishes. These are custom-developed and comply with a major requirements and international standards. They are suitable for the widest possible range of applications, such as still water, carbonated drinks and much more.

Necks: PCO1881, PCO1810, 29/25mm, 30/25mm, 38mm, 26mm, etc.

Applications: still and sparkling water, lightly and highly carbonated drinks, aseptic and hot-filled products, beer, etc.

Special cap design

There are visible market innovations, such as some flip-top or cooking oil caps, which properly convey the inspiring spirit of cooperation. Optimized processes, shorter cycle times, or weight savings create marketable benefits for various special caps & closures.

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