Bortolin Kemo


Bortolin Kemo S.P.A.
Founded 1945
Founder Mario Bortolin
Headquarters Porcia, Italy

Company Profile

Bortolin Kemo S.P.A. is a italian company and was founded in 1945 by Mario Bortolin. Started with small wine pouring plants for restaurants and pubs, Bortolin began to manufacture linear filling machines in the 1960‘s and starts co-operations with other companies to produce the first bottling lines with rotary machines. With the upcoming necessity of more performing bottling lines, the company decided to specialize in the end-line machines such as case erectors, crate packers, case packers, case sealers, palletizers and depalletizers.

Soon Bortolin acquired Kemo Industries, a company that manufactured machines for metal closure production.

Today Bortolin Kemo operates in two different sectors:

  • Packaging division
    • The packaging division designs, manufactures and installs packing machines, as well as bottling and packaging turn-key lines, addressing its production to wineries, mineral water producers, soft-drink producers, distilleries, breweries, oil and vinegar producers, food producers, frozen food producers, pharmaceutical industry and wherever products need to be packed, palletized or depalletized.


  • Closure division
    • The closures division designs, manufactures and installs machines for closures production, as well as complete turn-key lines for metal closures production (pilfer-proof, roll-on, flavor-lock, twist-off, etc) and for plastic closures pleating, slitting and assembling.

In addition Bortolin Kemo offers a full range of services, such as line engineering, complete turn-key lines development and installation, after sales service, machine rental. Bortolin‘s technical structure is always involved in the research and development of new technical and technological innovations and many solutions are covered by worldwide patents.

Products / Technology

  • Closures Division
    • sheet feed and strip feed pressing plants
    • moulds
    • drawing and redrawing machines
    • rolling machines
    • lining machines
    • folding and slitting machines
    • sorters and feeders
  • Packaging division
    • case erectors
    • de-craters
    • crate packers
    • case packers
    • partition inserters
    • case sealers
    • depalletizers
    • palletizers and conveyor


  • 1945 – founded by Mario Bartolin
  • 1960`s - manufacturing of small linear filling machines and bottling lines with rotary machines
  • 1970`s – Bortolin specialized in end-line machines, such as case erectors, crate packers, case packers, case sealers, palletizers and depalletizers
    • acquired Kemo Industries, expanding the portfolio to machines for metal closures production
  • 1987 - Bortolin and Kemo Industries joined to create Bortolin Kemo S.p.A.
  • 2000 - new headquarter in Porcia (Pordenone), Italy
  • 2005 - Bortolin Kemo NE Ltd. was founded, in order to follow the North Europe markets
  • 2016 - Bortolin Kemo Inc. was founded, in order to follow the American and Canadian markets


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