Headquarters Kirchentellinsfurt, Germany
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Axel Hauck

Company Profile

Based in Kirchentellinsfurt, Germany the company Incap is known as an innovator in the beverage packaging industry. The company conceptualizes and develops infusion cap technology.

Incap‘s infusion solution is a revolutionary way to store and protect vital ingredients until the moment consumption a development that helps companies from various business segments to expand their product lines and generate growth.

The versatile Incap dispensing cap was developed by an international project team and was turned into a point-of-sale product by two companies: Hähl (Plastic injection molding and tool construction specialist) and Teamplast (specialist in the development and injection molding).

Offering a host of new possibilities for innovative product design the Incap dosing and dispensing closure enables limitless opportunities in beverage, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical applications. The system stores a precise dose of dry liquid formula in an oxygen and moisture restrict chamber that allows to mix with water prior to consumption. The result is a new beverage category that delivers valuable nutraceuticals without fear of nutrient degradation.

Products / Technology

Infusion Cap - Design & Variations:

  • 28mm Incap (6,9ml liquid / up to 6,9g powder)
  • 38mm Incap (15ml liquid / up to 15g powder)
  • 50mm Incap (35ml liquid / up to 35g powder)
  • Drink Trough Sports 38mm Incap (15ml liquid / up to 15g powder)
  • 18mm Incap (2ml liquid / up to 2g powder)


Development & Production Incap responds individually and flexibly to customer requirements, whether it‘s a newly developed dosing cap with the associated tooling, a new content with new functions and flavors or a complete new private label product.

Contract Manufacturing with Incap Service GmbH Incap is able to offer the complete process of filling the Incap to the finished product with their contract manufacturing service for companys that want to outsource the production or if a company has not enough capacity for the production.

Incap works closely with their partner company FM-Pack. Thanks to a state-of-the-art bottling line, Incap is also able to produce ready-to-go drinks (60ml to 750ml) with high quality standards. From the manual assembly of the smallest series to the fully automatic filling of several million bottles, Incap has the right answer for their customers requirements. Incap handles the processing of individual components and raw materials as well as the discrete production of complete products under the customers label.

Consulting In additon Incap offers professional consulting, from brainstorming to development and to regulatory, from packaging to production over to shipping. Incap is able to help from market analysis to product formulation, building international business strategy, expanding and optimizing their customers new and innovative functional and nutraceutical drinks.



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