Gernep GmbH


Gernep GmbH
Headquarters Barbing, Germany

Company Profile

GERNEP is a specialist in consulting, project planning, construction, electronics and machine engineering from Barbing in Bavaria, Germany that develops and manufactures labelling machines for global customers in diverse sectors of the beverages, foodstuffs, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics industries. The production area is about 5,000m². 

GERNEP labelling machines Are in use in the drinks, food and non-food industries in more than 100 countries worldwide.

The machines developed and constructed by GERNEP focus on functionality with ease of use, and on the flexible design which allows us combine different gluing systems to exploit all of the possibilities of labelling technology. Subsequently they can carry out conversions and upgrades efficiently and cost effectively.

Products / Technology

Tailor-made labelling machines for beverages, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, chemical 

  • Cold glue labelling 
  • Hot melt wrap around labelling from the magazine
  • Hot melt labelling from the reel  
  • Self-adhesive labelling



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