Newtec Labelling


Newtec Labelling s.r.l.
Founded 1982
Headquarters Goito, Italy

Company Profile

Newtec Labelling s.r.l was established in 1982 based in Goito in Italy and designs and produces linear and rotary labelling machine suitable to meet user’s needs in output speed or packaging varieties.

High engineering flexibility enables the machines to perform with outstanding characteristics that are specifically conceived for high performance in all conceivable production processes.

Teh company's experience and ceaseless efforts towards cutting edge technologies allows Newtec's machine models to perform at the required production rates, utmost packaging accuracy and low operational cost. Materials and building technology guarantee that Newtec labelling machines performans at high levels in high workload conditions. Newtec's machines' reliability and user friendly technology make these labellers the number one choice for small and medium-size business.

The Company is present all around the world with its agents and joins the most important goods exhibitions in the PET and packaging sector.


  • Automatic Roll Fed labelling machines
  • Modular rotary labelling machines
  • Rotary labelling machine for the application of multiple self-adhesive labels
  • Rotary labelling machine for the application of cold glue labels
  • Rotary labelling machine for the application of paper or plastic wrap-around labels with the hot glue
  • Automatic linear self-adhesive labelling machine
  • Linear wet glue labelling machine
  • Automatic self-adhesive labelling station


  • 1982 - founded in Goito, Italy


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