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ADS Single Stage Molds
Headquarters New Delhi, India
Key people
Managing Director Sukhbir Singh
Website ADS Single Stage Molds

Company Profile

Acme Drinktec Solutions or ADS Single Stage Molds is a manufacturer and supplier of single-stage ISBM molds for manufacturing containers made of materials such as PET, PP, PC, TRITAN, and many more. The company has established itself in the PET mold industry as a provider of high quality customized and enhanced solutions offering superior manufacturing options to their clients. The company was founded by Managing Director Sukhbir Singh.

The company operates from their state-of-the-art manufacturing plant which is located in Delhi, India. ADS is equipped with advanced and sophisticated machines from reputed international manufacturers and the plant also has a dedicated CAD center, mold assembly shop, mold and bottle inspection and testing facility for carrying out stringent quality tests.

ADS is an associate company of Acme Die Systems the market-leading manufacturer of PET preforms and cap molds in India. The company was set up by the Acme Group with an aim to emerge as a complete PET packaging solutions provider. ADS customizes molds for the single stage ISBM machines like Aoki, Chum Power, ASB, etc. to cater to the diverse requirements of various bottle segments such as liquors & spirits, processed syrups & sauces, confectionery, edible oils, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, shampoos, items of personal care, detergents, pesticides, industrial oils and sports water bottles among others.

Products / Technology

  • Molds for 50MB Machine
  • Molds for 12M Machine
  • Molds for 70DPH Machine
  • Molds for ASB Machines



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