Agr International


Agr International, Inc.
Formerly called
Preston Laboratories
Founded 1927
Founder Dr. Frank W. Preston

Company Profile

Agr International, Inc. is provides a line of products and services for quality control in the beverage and packaging industries in the United States and internationally. Its products for the packaging industry include on-line inspection equipment, laboratory testing equipment, ware handling products, and filling products.

The company’s products also comprise quality testing systems for PET bottles and preforms; and products for aluminum filler applications. It also offers container design services, consulting, in-house testing and evaluation, industry and equipment training, and product support. Agr International, Inc. is headquartered in Butler, Pennsylvania.

Products / Technology

AGR products for measuring and testing plastic containers and preforms manufactured from PET

by type:

  • Laboratory: High-precision, semi-automated and automated testing and measurement instruments designed for quality management of bottles, preforms and similar products
  • Online: Measurement, inspection and process management products that can be integrated into production lines for managing bottle and preform quality during the production process
  • Manual gauges: Low cost gauges that can be used in the laboratory or along the production line for basic measurement of bottle and preform attributes

by application:

  • Thickness
  • Pressure
  • Dimensional
  • Attribute Testing
  • Strain Measurement
  • Surface Treatment
  • Container Handling
  • Volume
  • Sampling
  • Process Control
  • Vision Systems
  • Shelf-Life


Agr International, Inc. was founded in 1936. The company was formerly known as American Glass Research.


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