Amsler Equipment


Amsler Equipment Inc.
Founded 1994
Founder Werner Amsler
Headquarters Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
Area served
North and Central America

Company Profile

Amsler Equipment is a supplier of stretch blow moulding technology and ancillary equipment. For over two decades, the company has been building all-electric linear stretch blow moulding machines in Canada with 1 to 4 cavities.

Their design allows a machine to run smaller bottles in all of their cavities and larger bottles in fewer cavities.

Amsler’s headquarters are located in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, which permits a uniquely close relationship with their North American customers. Their service component was expanded by the absorption of the service side of Mag-Plastic stretch blow moulding equipment.

Products and services

Stretch blow moulding technology

The company offers stretch blow-moulding machines and auxiliary equipment for the PET industry. All W. Amsler Equipment machines are hydraulic-free. Auxiliary equipment includes low and high speed leak detection systems, spin dome trimmers, empty bottle palletizers, gaylord dumpers and conveyor systems.

Liquid filling projects

Company division Amsler Packaging Solutions can offer filling equipment and turnkey installations for liquid filling projects such as liquid fillers, labelers, shrink bundlers, palletizers, turnkey Installations for liquid filling plants.


Amsler Equipment was founded in 1994 by Werner Amsler.


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