Founder Katja Ceynowa, Benjamin Weiss
Headquarters Regensburg, Germany

Company Profile

Bevazar describes itself as the first independent online procurement platform for operational goods and services for companies in the beverage industry - offering food & beverage companies their own, dedicated, digital sales channels.

Bevazar was founded by Katja Ceynowa, who has worked for Krones for 11 years where she rose to the position as a divisional managing director level. The company started activity in May 2020, expanding the product portfolio and customer base and integrating new functionalities.

Bevazar describes their mission to help small and medium-sized companies in particular to quickly and easily leverage potential through digitization without having to make large investments in IoT systems or software. Bevazars B2B platform is the tool in particular to digitize the procurement process and avoid unnecessary waste.

After many years of experience in the areas of corporate management, digitization and online marketplaces, Benjamin Weiss and Katja Ceynowa decided to start their own project in autumn 2019 and to set up the first independent online purchasing platform for companies in the beverage industry. Finally they founded the company PlanetarX Technologies and the associated brand bevazar.

The first platform was successfully launched on May 15, 2020. Since that day the portfolio of products, suppliers and of course users has grown almost daily.

Suppliers can benefit as well, increasing in sales through an additional channel with their own supplier profile page


Bevazar is a digital procurement platform for the beverage industry and a multivendor marketplace for breweries, beverage producers and bottlers.

On bevazar one can find all goods and services related to beverage production, from ingredients, spare and wear parts, consumables and packaging to accessories such as safety equipment or laboratory supplies.

  • Ingredients and flavours
  • Spare and wear parts
  • Consumables
  • Packaging
  • Accessories
  • Services


  • 2020 - founded


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