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Concordia Development
Headquarters Milan, Italy

Company Profile

Concordia Development is a privately owned company based in Milan, Italy. Concordia focuses on innovative solutions and technologies related to weight saving in PET containers and PET preforms. Main focus of the company is the research for the most effective ways to save weight on PET preforms to reduce costs of raw materials. The successful CAPPELLO DESIGN (introduced during K Show in 2007) with over 45 billion preforms produced globally every year, Concordia Development is introduced their new innovation: SMART BASE, a drop and go PET preform base light weighting solution able to deliver significant weight savings while reducing the conversion costs by 70%.

45 billion preforms produced per year worldwide with CAPPELLO DESIGN on different types of blowing equipment.

Products / Technology


  • CAPPELLO DESIGN preform base light-weighting solution 
  • SMART BASE  drop and go preform base light-weighting solution



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