Eckel & Sohn


Eckel & Sohn
Headquarters Gau-Odernheim, Germany
Owner Jürgen Eckel

Company Profile

Eckel & Sohn is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of assembly and sorting machines for multi-part closures. The company has supplied companies and corporations with particularly durable and powerful technology for over 60 years.

Located in Gau-Odernheim in Germany Eckel & Sohn has it‘s roots at the end of the 19th century starting as a blacksmith‘s shop.

A staff of more than 80 qualified members carries out all the steps between concept, planning to production and installation of the companies machinery. Eckel & Sohn is constantly working on developing new solutions for their clients‘ requirements in the area of mounting and handling of multipart caps.

The company‘s machines are known especially as being low-maintenance with more than 10,000 units in continuous operation worldwide.

A dedicated service ensures quick and professional help within 24 hours.

Products / Technology

  • Assembly Machines
    • Continuous Motion Assembly Machines - processing of multi-part closures, operation fully automatically, output of up to 120,000 pcs per hour
    • Indexing Assembly Machines - especially suitable for assembling multi-part closures and small parts
  • Sorting machines
    • Vibratory bowl feeders - up to 30,000 pieces per hour
    • Disc sorters - designed for connection to printing and capping machines with an output of up to 90,000 pcs
    • Sport cap sorter – up to 65,000 pcs per hour
    • Vertical sorters - depending on the cap type, an output of 250,000 caps is possible on a single lane
  • Feeding machines
    • Different bunker and stockpiling systems are available for dosed feeding of secondary line equipment
  • Inspection systems
    • Camera inspection systems
    • High voltage inspection systems



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