Protec Polymer Processing


Protec Polymer Processing
Headquarters Bensheim, Germany

Company Profile

The ProTec Polymer Processing GmbH with headquarters in Bensheim, Germany, bundles the brands Somos and Ohl: Machines and entire system solutions for the efficient material handling for all plastic treatment processes offered today as well as machines for the material treatment - the solid-state post-condensation - of plastics as well as turn-key plants for bottle-to-bottle recycling of PET.


For PET, Protec offers

  • Somos dry air dryers
  • Vacuum reactors (solid-state post-condensation)
  • PET recycling systems (bottle-to-bottle recycling)


  • 1948 - Founding of the industrial plant engineering of Filterwerke Mann+Hummel GmbH, Ludwigsburg
  • 1968 - First Somos dry air dryer
  • 1973 - First coloring machine
  • 1978 - First multiple-feed conveying machine
  • 1978 - Founding of Ohl family-owned corporation
  • 1989 - First gravimetrically operating conveying, dosing and mixing system
  • 1993 - Mann+Hummel acquires SOMOS GmbH, Weiterstadt, the market leader in the area of plastics drying
  • 1994 - Founding of the iron foundry and machine factory "Limburger Eisengießerei und Maschinenfabrik Theodor Ohl" in Limburg
  • 1995 - Mann+Hummel acquires UNIVERSAL DYNAMICS, Inc./Woodbrige, USA, the renowned US manufacturer of peripheral machines for the plastics industry founded in 1957. Certification of the quality management system in accordance with DIN ISO 9001
  • 1997 - Founding of PETKING S.A. Romania for the post-condensation of PET. Mann+Hummel acquires VOLLMAR Anlagentechnik/Königswinter. The company, founded in 1982, was a successful specialist for volumetric and gravimetric dosing systems. Founding of Mann+Hummel ProTec GmbH through the merger of the industrial engineering segment of Mann+Hummel GmbH with Somos GmbH and Vollmar Anlagentechnik
  • 1999 - Founding of PKR PET Kunststoffrecycling GmbH, which functions in accordance with the "BottletoBottle" process
  • 2003 - Acquisition of "Ohl Apparatebau & Verfahrenstechnik GmbH" by the SCHOELLER Group, Pullach, Completion of the new factory premises of Mann+Hummel ProTec GmbH in Bensheim and relocation of the Königswinter and Weiterstadt plants to this location
  • 2004 - Founding of "Ohl Engineering GmbH – PET Recycling Technologies"
  • 2005 - Relocation of the Ludwigsburg plant to Bensheim - focus on MANN+HUMMEL ProTec GmbH to one location
  • 2007 - Installation of a second line for the recycling of PET at PKR PET Kunststoffrecycling GmbH, Limburg, with an annual capacity of 18,000t
  • 2008 - Sales of UNIVERSAL DYNAMICS, Inc., Woodbridge/USA through Mann+Hummel, Ludwigsburg
  • 2009 - Realignment of the sales and services activities of Mann+Hummel ProTec GmbH
  • 2012 - Sale of Mann+Hummel ProTec GmbH to the Schoeller Group, Pullach Merging of "OHL Engineering GmbH" and "Mann+Hummel ProTec GmbH" and renaming to "ProTec Polymer Processing GmbH", Bensheim


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