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Universal Closures Limited
Headquarters Tewkesbury, United Kingdom
Website www.universalclosures.com

Company Profile

From Tewkesbury, United Kingdom comes Universal Closures Limited. The company designs and develops innovative bottle closure designs for their global network of licensees. Universal Closures‘ bottle closures are aimed at beverage (CSD, sports and water caps), food and personal care markets (including Tamper Evident Caps). UCL is dedicated to prompt development of new bottle cap products which are user friendly but can be produced quickly and competitively by the company‘s licensess.

UCL provides a complete R&D service from initial component design to final product testing and then ongoing technical support for their license holders.

UCL is proprietor of numerous patents covering sealing and hinge technology.

The company partners with StackTeck Systems Limited, Canada and z-moulds from Austria.

Products / Technology

  • Flex Seal 1810
  • Flex Seal 1810 Lightweight
  • Flex Seal 1881
  • Flex Seal 1881 Lightweight
  • Flex Seals Aseptic Water
  • Flex Seal Barrier
  • Flex Seal Glass
  • Flex Seal Spring
  • Flex Seal Sport
  • HMC Water



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